The Bingus is the drawing force for every SB:CS game. It is an object of immense power, and can only be found after a perilous journey. No one knows exactly what the Bingus looks like, but it often takes the form of an innocent baby or an out of place object in a photo. In Scrimmy Bingus Family Edition and SB:CS 3DS Edition, it is revealed at the end that the Bingus was, in fact, within the player all along. This has led to many speculations as to the nature of this form of the Bingus.

However, in the other games, which took a more RPG style, the Bingus is mostly just spoken of and almost never seen besides in dialogue boxes, as well as regarded as an actual character. The Bingus is portrayed as a ruler of the omniverse, and sends the Brongi on journeys to either defeat villains who threaten the Bingus' power or to do trivial tasks, as is the case for SB:CS and the Good Boy Crimpus.

In every non-SB:CS game, there are rumored to be lines of encrypted code hidden among the games' files that say "Bingus" several times. This information, however, is unverified, as the files could only possibly be found by users of TimothyPlus+ 2002 School Edition, which is a rare program to have.

Temporarily, Crogus Interactive's office building had images of various forms of the Bingus painted on their windows, a week before they supposedly went out of business.