The Bippo is a playable Brongus in the Scrimmy Bingus and the Crungy Spingus series. It is highly recommended for new players due to its high Glow stat, which allows for moves other than Sploogus to be used in quick succession. Though its other stats are somewhat poor, it's still a great choice for fighting the Spingus. Its skill is Music, which allows for many subskills such as Notation, Loudest Blow, Sploogus, etc. All skills except for Sploogus and Headsploog are related to music and composition.

As of November 8, 2018, Bippo has been banned by the Springus community due to the influx of Crongus dis-believers and Springolos.

Using "The Stone Of Kidnius" on it increases its gluttony, which allows its attacks to have heavier effects and Critarunga! more.

Its low Horsepower makes it vulnerable to Critarungal moves and hard-hitting attacks from enemies, and should be guarded with the move learned by Scrimmy known as "Craggus Multiplier".

Please note that the item, "Handheld Craggus Multiplier", has no Horsepower replenishing, unlike the move learned by Scrimmy. However, it is still sufficient to defend Bippo. (Unless, of course, excess Craggus destruction has been enabled in the settings menu.)