Bronchitis is a common status effect in SB:CS 1, 2, XP, and DS, along with the 8th edition.

Unlike the disease in real life, Bronchitis is a form of poison for a "Brongus", "Warrior", "Soldier", or even the protagonist, Scrimmy himself.

If Scrimmy is inflicted, he also becomes weakened, and permanently loses a 1 Clasp each time he is inflicted.

(Clasp is the series' equivalent of a speed stat, but, however, all stats add up to calculate how much damage is dealt, including Glow, Stench, and others, and certain stats have higher priority than others)

Bronchitis deals -1% of max HorsePower(Health equivalent) each turn, and also slightly lowers all stats temporarily.

Golden Andy and the Spingus are known to inflict this with a 25% chance every time they attack in the "Battle Mode" part of the game.Most status affects do not take effect outside of Battle Mode.

If Craggus Multiplier is activated while Bronchitis is in effect, the Clasp loss and HorsePower reduction effects are reduced to just a bit above half.

The only known party member to be immune to Bronchitis is the rare, unlockable, Sungib Ymmrics, the Cungus™ class counterpart to Scrimmy Bingus, as giving him the disease grants him 1 Clasp to every infliction and improves HorsePower by 1% each turn, opposite to the other Brongi. (Sugnib is known to be weaker than Scrimmy, but is less affected by status effects.)

Sometimes, attacking while having Bronchitis can give an enemy/player Bronchitis, too. This is a rare occasion, but proves useful, especially against warrior-classified enemies.