A common Brongus found in the Halubus Desert.

"Thank you for registering your Brongus at your local Scroobian hall of administry and decacovation! The below manual serves as info on how to use creatures and machines of this nature."

A BRONGUS (Bipartisan Recollection Object Needed Grievously for Unsafe Tasks) is an object of sentient nature capable of being weaponized and used as a tool, usually utilized in times of war (Ex: Croogle Massacre), revolution (Ex: Bongus Tribe Revolt of 1846 O.D.), and false revolution (Ex: Project Zordog). These objects usually have extreme capabilities given enough training (See |Scrimmy VS. Bill Clinton's "Project Zordog"|, Bippo, Tootsy.). Trained and/or tamed Brongi are always obedient during active use, and will not disobey the owner unless obedience would result in their own death or destruction.


By having a Brongus participate in combat with you, or by utilizing one as a tool,

Action capabality

Action-to-capability chart based off of multiple measurements of various Brongi. Line thickness denotes uncertainty.

you are causing it to become increasingly able to perform certain tasks, and causing it to learn new tasks and forms of combat, especially when used frequently. Thus, most Brongus owners frequently use their Brongi for strenuous tasks a la escaping a mugging or destroying large natural barriers.