A standard Crimbus Hole.

Crimbus Holes, not to be confused with Crimpus Whole, are objects that are created by the Crodon in the quintet of Scrimmy Bingus games developed by The Mordon Company. They are similar to black holes, as they swallow nearby objects and grow, and are created from a practice only known by the Crodon. They are typically only able to be removed if the member of the Crodon who made them is defeated in battle. Also, if the player has 10 Glongo Milk Gelatin, they can throw it into weak-looking Crimbus Holes, identified by their purple-looking streaks, which are hidden around the game, and destroy them, revealing hidden paths and Secret Grandmasters.

SB:CS 52: Return of Grogun Edit

While Crimbus Holes are not seen until the end of the game, during the spy section in Scrogan's Cave, if one can perfectly decode every line of dialogue, an extra line will appear at the end saying "Forget it, I'm bored. Let's go trap some green Russian birds with a Crimbus Hole." At the ending cutscene of the game, Broogus out of his disguise will create 10 Crimbus Holes before leaving as the credits begin.

SB:CS 53: Brembo's Big Break: Chocolate Flavored Edition Edit

Besides the fact that this game was only released as part of an event with a family pizza restaurant and included Crimbus Holes on the front cover, nothing is known about this game and its inclusion of Crimbus Holes.

SB:CS 54: Brembo's Big Break: Strawberry Flavored Edition Edit


A weak Crimbus Hole as it appears ingame.

Advertised as an internationally released version of the previous game, this game included Crimbus Holes as objects that could be interacted with. In this game they are destroyed if their creator is defeated in battle, or if they were weak Crimbus Holes, with 10 Glongo Milk Gelatin. They seem to be mostly destroyed during the ending cutscene

SB:CS 55: Cleanup Crew Deluxe! Edit

In this game, secondary characters took place as main characters and helped destroy remaining Crimbus Holes around the omniverse after the events of SB:CS 54, though this time with a weaponized version of Glongo Milk Gelatin that was created by Professor Googly Moogly.

SB:CS 56: The Last Battle! I Think That's What We Should Call It. Ferdinand You Don't Have To Write What I'm Saying Right Now. Stop It, Please. Edit

In the climax of this game's plot, as it seems that the Crodon are cornered by an angry Scrimmy, all 3 of them create a Super Crimbus Hole, which must be destroyed in a very lengthy boss battle, before the Crodon retreat and the game ends.