Scrimmy Bingus 1 was once available on multiple platforms as a tech demo, but the full version was free & pc only (Though the download link dissapeared for no reason.). Such devices that had such tech-demos are:

3DS version (never released on cart)

DS version (appeared outta nowhere on random startups)

Hungus-Jungus (abandoned console concept by Crogus)

A random arcade machine (some dude hacked it)

Bill Clinton's boy clit: The Videogame Console 7 & Knuckles (A glitchy, broken-down version of the tech-demo was available.)

Differences of the tech demo from the full version are:

Bippo's face was maliformed slightly.

Tootsy had higher HorsePower than listed.

Stats were listed in the Brongus-selection screen, and not the documentation folder.

The game always acted like you chose Pelb.

Random-number-generation was broken, and the Spingus always appeared once & 3-4 seconds in as a repercussion.

John Cena was pansexual & actually a fairy from the planet S[lgai0gralgl.

Pelb looked more appealing.