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The Hurgus is a non-brongus character capable of Crungus, Boge, and Scrappy Dungers. He appears in the "Bripple" phase of SB&CS. His skills mainly revolve around "fingies". He's the nemesis of Pelb, and often becomes enraged if Pelb is one of the currently-travelling Brongi. Upon first encounter, Hurgus is simply a normal dude guy man boy thingy person. However, upon defeating him for the first time, he will, later on, jump you, and be wearing glasses, which make him Crogensploogial, which pretty much just makes him really cool really cool looking and basically raises every single stat by 64% and 64 pts. His second cool form is a point where players usually get stuck, but a strategy against this is to use the Craggus Multiplier item/skill on Bippo, and have him Sploogus on Hurgus, which, with the Craggus Multiplier in effect, often results in a crippling Critarunga!/Stupegungled combo, leaving Hurgus stunned and with severely low HorsePower.

Hurgus's second form.

His cool form also includes the dangerous move "Splogenski-factor enforcement", which gives 2 random-selected opponents (Scrimmy or any Brongi in the current-travel-group) "Bogus Schnogerism". That stat effect temporarily sets all stats to 1% of their original values, and also turns Bippo into a nuclear potato that can't do anything until the end of the battle with Hurgus's second form..