Mooflus is a supporting character in Scrimmy Bingus and the Crungy Spingus. He is regarded as a "rejected Brongus" by the main characters, and does show most of the requirements for being one. It is not known for sure why he was rejected, but a few reasons have been hinted at throughout his sidequests.

Mooflus takes the form of a dentist with the head of a bovine. He is neither good nor evil, and claims that he just defends himself, though if the player finishes all of his sidequests, he helps the Brongi defeat the villain by offering 10 Glongo Milks to the player before the battle. However, he has a positive relationship with the Brongi, shown as he greets all of them with special dialogue, except for Tootsy (see below).

Mooflus has a negative past with Tootsy, seemingly over something called a Sglingo. This seems to be referenced in Scrimmy Bingus 2003 Edition, with the cover showing Tootsy and some writing about something similar to the Sglingo called a Sglingus. He will simply state "..." when Tootsy is in the lead of the party and Mooflus gives his greeting. Otherwise he speaks normally.

Mooflus will give sidequests mostly pertaining to finding items in non-story locations and then giving them to Scrimmy at his castle. Though they seem to be trivial objects such as a pair of fuzzy dice or an empty carton of Glongo Milk, the final object he asks you to find and deliver is an envelope labeled "Re: Rejection Notice" when trying to examine the item, it simply says "A letter detailing Mooflus's explanation for various things he has done, including owning a framed photo of something called a Splongus." Interestingly, no further mention of the Splongus was made until SB:CS Super Ultimate Deluxe Fun Fun Happy Game Fun Time Day Zone Edition was released a few years later.

Appearances Outside of SB:CS Edit

At an event for fans of Crogus Interactive, a large cardboard cutout of Mooflus, showing his entire body, was set up by the entrance of the building it was hosted at. However, it was put away during the event, due to a man in black attempting to examine the back of the cutout. It is unknown why they wanted to hide the back of this cutout, but people at the event refused to comment on it. Later, someone claimed to see a large bright green stain on the back of the cutout as it was being moved elsewhere.