Scrimmy Bingus: The New Adventures of Henry the Squirrel is a book that was supposed to be the last work of Crogus Interactive before they finally went bankrupt and burned all copies they had of anything related to Scrimmy Bingus. However, one copy has fallen into the hands of Wattpad user IAteACookieToday. He is slowly trying to photocopy pages of the novel. The book is available to read here.

The cover is said to be drawn on Microsoft Paint by a man who was paid less than $1 USD, and who was never credited. The story was written by every member of Crogus Interactive, who, at that point, were 10 people; everyone else had since left to join the Junction of Queasy Children, a company that paid much higher and whose building smelt less like egg salad than Crogus'.

Plot Edit

The story so far explains how Pablo Ducklopod meets Luckie, being the first example of contact between the Brongi and the Bongi. This is the first time Henry the Squirrel is shown as an antagonist. The Splongus will appear in chapter 3, despite being seemingly crushed.