Inspired by the Nintendo 3DS release Scrimmy Bingus & The Crungy Spingus, Newgrounds user sicklez

published Scrimmy Bingus Family Edition, which was developed by Crogus Interactive but originally never released.

Plot Edit

Scrimmy Bingus Family Edition differs slightly from the original game. The main driving point is to find the Bingus in its many forms throughout family photos that feature the Bongi available from the character select screen. After finding the final Bingus, the Bongus King Schnitzel becomes available to help find the Bingus.

Bongi Edit

Instead of the Brongi from the original game, this game instead features 9 Bongi to start, and one secret Bongus.

Reception Edit

The game has a 2.58/5 rating on Newgrounds, as of April 2018. Most reviews are positive on the site. Video game streamer Vinesauce attempted to speedrun the game, and became interested in other versions of the game after trying Family Edition.