The Spingi are the main characters meant to be fought by the Brongi. They generally come in the Crungy variation, however, certain players recall "Spongy", "Bipplebian", "Melonian", and "ForngleBrusk" variations being encountered in certain areas of the game. The Spongy Spingus is healed by any water-based attacks, but loses health after going too long without such water. The Bipplebian Spingus has an overall immunity to Bippo, and only Bippo. The Melonian Spingus attacks by launching melons and such, and the ForngleBrusk Spingus has a semi-permakill move that is rarely used. If a Brongus were to have such move used on them, they'd become permenantly unusable until brought to an "Area Of Healing". (Scrimmy is immune to permakill attacks, and also is targeted less by these attacks.)

In battle mode, they have a chance to inflict Scrimmy or a Brongus with Bronchitis, a common negative stat effect.