Stupegungled is a status effect in the first SB&CS game. It is used most notably by Bippo when he executes a Sploogus on Hurgus (non-brongus) while the Craggus Multiplier is in effect.

Stupegungled has 1/9000 chance of occurring when an enemy or Brongus uses an attack, but it increases to a 1/10 chance if they use a Glongo Milk. When it occurs, the screen rapidly flashes images of several baby animals playing soccer, and plays the noise of a soda can opening. The status effect can severely lower an enemy's Coolness and HorsePower stats. It is deadliest when combined with a Critarunga!.

The Stupegungled effect seems to have some code left in later editions of SB&CS but the files housing it can only be accessed if the player owns a Windows 95 computer and a now-abandoned software called TimothyPlus+ 2002 School Edition.