Woo-Hoo Warren is a Bongus-in-training who serves as a supporting character in SB:CS and the Good Boy Crimpus who, depending on the choices of the player, can either transform into a rare Bingus, or become a Bongus for about 2 minutes before he loses his powers by accidentally eating expired Glongo Milk Yogurt.

Appearance Edit

Woo-Hoo Warren is a salmon-colored bucket of french fries with a face. He has an electrical plug hidden amongst the fries that he uses to perform electrical attacks. There is small writing on him in Comic Sans font that says "best boy in town," but the origin of the text is never revealed.

Story Edit

In the holiday-themed special game, SB:CS and the Good Boy Crimpus, Woo-Hoo Warren is originally a mini-boss who guards the gate to Crimpus' Cheese Wheel of Fun. After being defeated, he expresses a strong desire to become a Bongus. If Luckie is in the party, she will talk him into transforming him into a Bingus instead. Woo-Hoo Warren will be found inside the cafeteria area of each town in the game after this dialogue, offering quests to retrieve for him items that will help him become a Bongus. However, the player can instead use items crafted from various types of Bingus to turn him into a special Bingus.

Depending on what items he has by the end of the game, the epilogue will show him transform permanently into a strange type of Bingus with human ears, or into a Bongus with a top hat. If the latter outcome is obtained, then throughout the credits Woo-Hoo Warren will be feasting at a table with Scrimmy and the gang, but will transform into his old self upon eating some Glongo Milk Yogurt.

Appearances outside SB:CS Edit

In the coming weeks before SB:CS and the Good Boy Crimpus was released, a single McDonald's location was serving special buckets of french fries designed after an early version of Woo-Hoo Warren who had a green color scheme, until it was closed down on the game's launch day because the manager moved to a remote island and was never replaced.

Crogus Interactive's PC game "Yup, It's a Pup" featured several characters from SB:CS in background areas of each level, including Woo-Hoo Warren on a large poster that advertised "camouflage flavored" french fries.